Digemsa was founded as a family business in Barcelona in the year 1985 for the service sector of Healthcare.

Our Objective has always been service, quality and being trustworthy.

As our expansion continues, we have expanded our business lines and we are well known in the aesthetic sector, foodservice and food industry.

In the year 2021 we moved our activity to the new and modern facilities of Sant Joan Despí where we have concentrated factory, warehouses and offices endowing ourselves with a line of own manufacture of nonwoven fabric with a new white room of classification ISO 8 according to the UNE-EN ISO 14644 and UNE-EN 12469 legislation of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).

We have a wide portfolio of products with more than 10,000 Items, offering brands industry leaders, and we are specialists in the manufacture near sizes, caps, custom-made sets patient, tablecloths and custom-made Paths for table.

Likewise we distribute all kinds of consumables, disposable Protection, Laboratory equipment, line of aesthetic and hairdressing salon, a form of rehabilitation, orthopedics, furniture, instruments, wardrobe work, geriatric material, disposable for the HORECA sector, etc ...

We bring service to all kinds of medical centers, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, ambulatories, centers of aesthetics, centers of rehabilitation, residences, orthopedic centers, insurances, laboratories, Factories, catering, food industry, restaurants, hotels, shopping Veterinarians, as well as to distributors and wholesalers of the entire country.

Furthermore we've arrival in Distribution Agreements with multiple marks leaders would allow us to bring innovative solutions to our clients.

This is the key to our business strategy. The extensive and solid experience in the sector and the professional profile of our team, have allowed us to evaluate all proposals and choose market including those leading products that guarantee the highest quality and safety.


Digemsa wants to respond to the real needs of customers, thus providing products that respond to their needs and improve their well-being. Offer a quality product and give the best service.


Digemsa wants to be an innovative and growing company, a leader in trusted products. The development of knowledge as a basis for innovation is a priority for us.

A company with a deep commitment and with a great professionalism and enthusiasm of our staff, our most important asset being their work with vocation and ability to face challenges and commitments.

Corporate values

Innovation, Guarantee, Team, Trust, Dynamism, Strength